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One-handed rods or tensors are among the oldest radiesthetic ones Aids, known since antiquity.        Zum SHOP        

The tensor

Attitude of the tensor

The tensor may be in the left or right hand are used.

The tensor comes with encompassing the whole hand. He is lying in the palm of his hand, all fingers have Contact with the tensor. The tensor is held that the last third of the Top is horizontal.
At the beginning of the test The tensor must stand perfectly still, the tensor tip must not move. During the measurement, the tester must always make eye contact with the Keep tensor tip.

The reaction of the tensor must start by itself on the question.
The hand has to be kept completely calm. The moment until one Clear response may take a little longer. Just beginners are allowed do not lose patience too soon.

Relationship Test

At the relationship test is the tensor between the tester and the object to be tested or between brought the objects to be tested.

When the tensor spike hits the objects to be tested Swinging, the relationship is positive. However, swing the tensor tip across between the objects, the relationship is negative.

In the adjacent Image is e.g. a sleeping place tested. The tester holds his hand (if he tests the sleeping place for himself) or another person, for the test is done, her hand over the bed.

Then the tensor held between bed and hand. At the same time, the tester provides the Question: "I sleep well for myself (or for ....)".

After some time The tensor tip will start to swing. Swing the tip to the left and on the right, the sleeping place is unsuitable, but the top swings up and up down, the sleeping place is harmless.

This relationship test can of course be applied to all other possible places. Also Power place can be found with it. Ask the question: "Is this a Power place for .... & Quot;.

Practical exercise

Very well, you can practice the relationship test if you like the relationship of the flowers and Test plants for you.

you have read correctly, it's not about how your feelings turn into a plant is, but whether the plant is comfortable with you & quot;.

  At House inspections, which are carried out by me, I always have one Tensor and show my customers the handling. A popular one Test object are the plants in the apartment.

doing so often come up with surprising results. This is how the tensor shows Sometimes the homeowner's favorite pet plants sometimes exceed one strong NO response, on the other hand, there is a strong relationship between the homeowner and plants he does not really like.

Certainly you will notice something like that too. Especially in the first case you fall It is certain that you have almost dried out the plant already more often. Or, in the opposite case, add too much water or fertilizer. plants & Quot; remember & quot; such events.

Compatibility Test

As with the Relationship test put the object to be tested on the table and hold your Hand over it. Ask your question ("Is the medication good for you?") me & quot ;; & Quot; Should I drink this drink? "And bring that Tensor between hand and object.

However it can also be that the tip deflects in all possible directions. Then the must Question to be more specific.


They test as Drink a beer. The tensor switches between yes and no. Or turns in all sorts of directions.

How is this To evaluate reaction:

It may be that It would do you good to drink something, hence the result YES. That's exactly how it can be but you should not drink alcohol. So no.

In the case need You change the question. Ask e.g. : "Is it good for me, now something to drink? ". If you receive a YES, change it Drink and try the test again.

You can do that too test object also in the other hand and take the test as well perform.

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